• Continuous mesh belt furnace technology and the use of the bus technology

    Continuous mesh belt furnace technology and the use of the bus technology

    Continuous mesh belt furnace is a kind of continuous kiln.A series of stainless steel idlers are arranged along the length of the kiln.Driven by speed regulating motor, the products can be directly placed on the mesh belt for drying or firing processing.Mesh belt furnace is mainly used in chemical industry, catalyst support, powder material, ceramic glass baking, glass hot bending, glass annealing dry roasting.
  • What is roller kiln technology and its advantage?

    What is roller kiln technology and its advantage?

    Roller kiln technology is mainly used in the production of ceramics and other ceramic building materials. Roller kiln hearth kiln is a industrial kiln which is continuously fired. A tunnel kiln with rotating rollers as the carrier of the green body. Ceramic products are placed on a number of closely spaced horizontal refractory rollers, and the ceramics are transferred from the kiln head to the kiln end by the rotation of the rollers.
  • The role of the bell type jar furnace

    The role of the bell type jar furnace

    In the process of producing copper strip, it is necessary to use bell furnace to annealing it to improve its ductility. The usual bell jar furnace includes base, inner cover, heating cover and cooling cover. After the copper strip is heated in the heating cover and kept warm, the heating cover is removed and installed to cool the copper strip. In addition, bell type furnace still has a lot of uses and advantages, below, Jiangsu Qianjin will give net friends a brief introduction!


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