The role of the bell type jar furnace

In the process of producing copper strip, it is necessary to use bell furnace to annealing it to improve its ductility. The usual bell jar furnace includes base, inner cover, heating cover and cooling cover. After the copper strip is heated in the heating cover and kept warm, the heating cover is removed and installed to cool the copper strip. In addition, bell type furnace still has a lot of uses and advantages, below, Jiangsu Qianjin will give net friends a brief introduction!

Use of the bell jar furnace

Bell type furnace is widely used in ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemical, machinery, refractory materials, specialty materials, building materials, universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises do roasting, ceramic sintering, mobile phone back sintering, high temperature experiment, materials processing, high temperature sintering atmosphere, ceramic glue, the first choice of sintering flue gas treatment, annealing, etc.

Structure of the bell jar furnace

Bell jar furnace thermal material are all made of super light ceramic fiber folded with Mosaic, and USES the hidden type bolt anchorage structure in the structure, no crack roof fall furnace with special terraced concave and convex seal, seal good choose corundum mullite stone quality bearing plate burning, embedded corundum mullite tube at the bottom of the enhanced support, bearing, more effectively prevent the bearing plate burning sag burn table adopts hydraulic system, stable operation, reliable bearing burning can translation, convenient loading and unloading of products and step-down the labor intensity of the workers options air preheating system, or the suction line of glue system.

Advantages of the bell jar furnace

Bell furnace advantage provided by bell type furnace sintering kiln is the main feature of its efficient its intelligent control systems and other equipment form a complete functional units, can fully meet the requirements of the ferrite industry almost art bell furnace of storage and the customer can according to need to write any curve of temperature, atmosphere, to produce high quality products in addition to this customer also can produce any other products in time according to the actual needs, so as to shorten the delivery time and reduce the cost of sintering equipment must have very good adjustability, producing all kinds of different products, to meet the needs of the market.That means it must according to the needs of individual customers to produce the corresponding products good ferrite manufacturers can produce more than 1000 different kinds of magnets, meet customer's special need all of these need to be able to process of the high precision of repeating bell furnace system has become the standard of all ferrite manufacturers kiln in the ferrite industry, the kiln is mainly used in low power consumption and high mu value ferrite, especially communications industry without bell type furnace in the production of high quality core is impossible.Only a few operators are needed in the sintering of bell jar furnace, loading and unloading can be completed in the daytime, while sintering can be completed at night, realizing power peak adjustment, which is very practical under the current situation of power shortage.

Bell type furnace produced by Jiangsu Qianjin

Bell jar furnaces produce high quality products, and all additional investment can be quickly recouped due to high quality products. Temperature and atmosphere control, furnace design and airflow control in the furnace are all perfectly combined to ensure the product heating and cooling temperature uniformity. The control of the furnace atmosphere during cooling is directly related to the temperature of the furnace and can ensure the oxygen content of 0.005% or even lower. And that's something our competitors can't do.

Thanks to a complete input system of mixed alphanumeric system, the long sintering process can be easily replicated to ensure product quality. When selling products, this is also a reflection of product quality.

The use of bell jar furnace is extensive, and the advantage is outstanding, the net friend that has need can introduce bell jar furnace this kind of equipment with confidence, also can contact Jiangsu Qianjin to help you solve the problem directly!


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