What is roller kiln technology and its advantage?

Roller kiln technology is mainly used in the production of ceramics and other ceramic building materials. Roller kiln hearth kiln is a industrial kiln which is continuously fired. A tunnel kiln with rotating rollers as the carrier of the green body. Ceramic products are placed on a number of closely spaced horizontal refractory rollers, and the ceramics are transferred from the kiln head to the kiln end by the rotation of the rollers.
Roller kiln generally has a small cross-section, and the temperature in the kiln is uniform, which is suitable for rapid firing, but the roller material and installation technology are relatively high. Mainly used for rapid firing of building sanitary ceramic products.
The main advantages are as follows:
(1) Because the roller kiln has a small cross-section and can be heated up and down the roller table at the same time, the temperature rises quickly and the temperature distribution in the kiln is relatively uniform. condition. If it is used for roasting flowers, it can ensure the uniform color and bright and bright.
(2) The roller hearth kiln does not use a kiln car or a box bowl, and only uses some refractory pads, and some do not even need pads. Therefore, the heat consumption is greatly reduced, and the fuel is significantly saved.
(3) It is conducive to the mechanization and automation of the firing process (packing, firing, cooling, and discharging), which facilitates the connection between the upper and lower processes, forms a complete continuous production line, and improves production efficiency.


(4) Simple structure, low cost, easy maintenance and convenient operation.
(5) Reduced labor intensity and improved working environment.

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